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GL group Launches Good Luck University

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


St. Louis, MO – January 12, 2017GL group wants to be the best place to work in America – and they know that to achieve that goal they must ensure that their employees are happy. They have built a culture that puts the health and well-being of their employees ahead of their bottom line.

GL group’s leadership has spent more than 40 years building their company culture. Many things they have done have worked out great and some haven’t worked out so well. They are passionate about great workplaces - not just their own, but others as well. That is why they are launching Good Luck University. They want to share their experience building a phenomenal culture with other businesses. Starting in February 2017, they will be hosting paid workshops and seminars that will give attendees an inside look into GL group’s culture and how they live their culture every day.  

“We have created our workshops and seminars based on our internal training and development program, LuckyU,” said Gary Jaffe, CEO of GL group. “Currently, GL group employees can participate in LuckyU classes based on their specific career goals and companywide initiatives. Our LuckyU classes have been very successful and we’re bringing that same format to Good Luck University.”

Business owners looking to enhance their cultures, HR leaders wanting details on how to make it happen, and any leader in between who cares about their teams and growing their bottom line, will benefit from the workshops.

Members of the GL group Executive Team as well as leaders within the business who impact GL group’s culture daily will lead the classes. Workshop attendees will learn what works, what doesn’t work, and how to facilitate a culture of care for people.

Culture Camp – February 2, 2017

To kick off our training workshops, GL group is hosting their first workshop on culture. GL group has been nominated as Best Place to Work in St. Louis five years in a row - and it's a direct result of their employee-first culture. Culture Camp attendees will learn how GL group has created an open and engaged culture, what makes GL group different from other companies, and how to create and grow an engaged culture at their own company. During the over three-hour workshop attendees will learn about GL group’s WOW! benefits and programs such as Bring-Your-Baby-to-Work, Sandy Vacations, the Marcia Jaffe scholarship, and the Emergent Leader Program. Attendees will also tour their offices and participate in an employee panel discussion.

Culture Connection: Babies in the Workplace – April 4, 2017

Following Culture Camp, GL group will be hosting Culture Connection: Babies in the Workplace. For 20 years, GL group has had babies right at home in their offices. Attendees will learn how they created their Bring-Your-Baby-to-Work Program. They will show attendees how the program boosts morale, cuts employee turnover, and has a low cost to productivity. Workshop attendees will receive a tour of their facility and hear from GL group employees who bring their babies to work. 

Culture Connection: Why Budgets Don’t Work – May 10, 2017

Rounding out the first Good Luck University workshops and seminars, GL group will be offering a workshop about budgets – and why and how they totally changed their philosophy about budgets. They will walk attendees through GL group’s theory behind traditional budgets and discuss why they do not rely on them. GL group replaced a traditional budget with a dynamic planning process for sound financial decision-making - not edict carved in stone. Attendees will learn how they’re able to achieve their most important goals and objectives, their approach to financial planning, and learn best practices they have implemented to ensure financial success. 

For more information and to register for one of the workshops, visit here.

About GL group

GL group is a premier provider of literature, educational materials, and creative solutions that bring learning and imagination to the world. Family-owned and operated, GL group is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and is the parent company for Booksource, Peaceable Kingdom, Turtleback Books, and Jaffe Book Solutions. At GL group we always strive to do the right thing. For our business, that means putting our people first. Our benefits and unique culture empower our employees at work and at home, fostering a family-friendly workplace where health, passion, and education are as important to us as the bottom line. As a result of our culture, we have continued to grow our business since 1974, providing exceptional service to our customers and vendors along the way.


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