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Why We Get Back to Applicants in 48-Hours, Not 4 Weeks

Anyone who’s ever interviewed for a job knows the routine: You send in your resume and then wait to hear back about an interview. Once you schedule an interview, you prepare, you wait, make a list of questions, figure out how you might answer the prospective employer’s questions, and try to calm your nerves. When the interview is over you wait to hear back about whether or not you got the job. Are you seeing a common thread? There’s a lot of waiting!

Waiting is, of course, a normal part of life. But when it comes to job searching, our team at GL group understands it can be a tedious and stressful process. So we’ve made it one of our HR standards to respond to every applicant within 48 hours.

One of our core values is do the right thing. We believe that this is the right thing to do for those individuals who take the time to contact GL group. When we’re hiring for an open position, we personally review all resumes and everyone gets a response within 48 hours of their submission. We also follow up after all interviews within 48 hours. This might sound a bit crazy to prospective applicants. How can you get through a large number of resumes so quickly? How do you have time to properly review them?

First off, we’re really good at assessing applicants. It is our job after all. J Our application review process is streamlined. For example, we ask a very simple question at the end of our application, “Why do you want to work here at GL group?” While some applicants provide a canned answer, we can tell when applicants take the time to answer this question. Well thought-out answers show us that applicants have taken the time to review our website, they know about our WOW! benefits and our culture, and they want to be part of our team.

We also have heard from applicants that our 48-hour outreach has had a direct impact on their job search. While they may have been waiting to hear back from a number of potential employers, the fact that GL group contacted them first had a direct impact on their decision. This contact is just the beginning of how we handle our interview process. Qualified applicants will be contacted and updated as their interview process progresses. From scheduling in-person interviews with team members to reaching out if a scheduling conflict occurs, we don’t want applicants to be in limbo. We understand this is important to people who are actively applying for jobs.

Our 48-hour standard creates a great Moment of Truth (MOT) for everyone we come into contact with. We look to create a MOT anytime a customer, vendor, or employee comes in contact with any element of our business and gets an impression about our company based on their interaction. We strive to provide a positive MOT to our employees, our customers, and our vendors. This standard helps hold us accountable and it is what we want GL group to be known for.  


WRITER: Jen Patterson