Culture and Creativity

Employee Spotlights – Featuring Sidney Plaza

Here at GL group, we have the opportunity to work with fabulous individuals doing great things at the company and in their personal lives. Our unique company culture has allowed us to become a close-knit community that values all employees’ ideas, hard work, and individual passions.


We have a culture of empowerment and we encourage employees through our WOW Benefits! to achieve new degrees, become leaders, and grow professionally. We also take great care to support our employees and their families.


Our employees drive the success of GL group. So we wanted to have an avenue to showcase our spotlight employees, who have achieved a goal, have gone above and beyond, or are actively pursuing a passion.


This week we are featuring Sidney Plaza. Sidney was awarded a Marcia Jaffe Scholarship. Every year, as part of our WOW! Benefits, GL group awards a few employees with a 90 percent paid scholarship to continue their education. The scholarship is for the duration of their program.


Sidney used her Marcia Jaffe Scholarship to earn her MBA at Webster University. Since earning her MBA Sidney has been able to put what she learned through her MBA program to use in her job at GL group. She is now part of a new team that focuses on business development efforts. Sidney works alongside of our sales reps and identifies new opportunities to grow sales in her region. She also researches industry and market trends and partners with her reps to create targeted marketing campaigns.

WRITER: Lisa Whealon