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Meet Our Divisions

When we talk about GL group, we often talk about it as a whole.  However, we know that it can be confusing, since GL group is the parent company for all four of divisions and each division offers customers and vendors different services and products.


GL group provides shared services to each of its three divisions: Booksource, Turtleback Books, and Jaffe Book Solutions. These shared services include human resources, accounting, IT services, and facilities management. Basically, we help all of our divisions with a lot of the administrative tasks important to keeping a company functioning well. Each of our divisions manages its own sales, marketing, and operations.


Each GL group division is committed to providing literature, educational materials, and creative solutions that bring learning and imagination to the world and I’m proud of all of our employees’ hard work and dedication. You can read more about each of our divisions below!



Booksource is a leading distributor of authentic literature for K-12 classroom libraries. Our customizable classroom library solutions make it easy and cost-effective for educators to build, grow, and organize classroom libraries that foster engaged reading in their schools.


Turtleback Books

Turtleback Books is dedicated to providing our customers with the most popular titles in high-quality hardcover library binding. Working directly with wholesalers and retailers, we offer a wide selection of titles for demanding library and classroom environments. Turtleback guarantees its superior binding for the life of the book, resulting in cost savings over time.


Jaffe Book Solutions

Jaffe Book Solutions (JBS) is a short-run, on-demand digital print book manufacturer offering high-quality products at competitive prices for publishers, wholesalers, and authors. Whether a customer needs a paperback or hardcover edition, copies of an out-of-print book, or a small quantity of inventory to supply an order, JBS makes it happen with fast, friendly service.


AUTHOR: Gary Jaffe