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What NOT To Do When Applying for a Job

Anyone who’s ever applied for a job knows how stressful the process can be. Making sure your resume is perfect, making it through the screening and interview process, and then waiting to hear back. Most of us know the rules for a successful job search  - carefully edit your resume, research the company you’re applying with, apply for the open position correctly, dress nicely for the interview, etc.

Our human resources team at GL group has seen it all – the good and bad. We have listed six things that candidates should never do as they go through the interview process.

  1. Submit a crazy resume. Getting noticed for being creative and original is not a bad thing. However, be careful that you’re doing things to get attention that don’t have the opposite affect. You don’t want someone saying, “You won’t BELIEVE what she/he sent in with his resume!”
  2. Show up late. You obviously want to show prospective employers that you’re responsible and trustworthy. Showing up late to an interview doesn’t leave a great first impression!
  3. Have no idea what job you’re interviewing for. We know that when you’re applying for a job, you’re probably applying for more than one. But you should still do your research! Prospective employers will want to know that you’ve researched the company and thought carefully about why you want to work there and why you’re a good fit for the open position.
  4. Give too many details about your last job. It’s always best to be honest, but think carefully before you’re too open about your last job. Whether you disliked your last boss or left under crazy circumstances, it’s best to be professional. Be sure to share what you learned from the experience.
  5. Brag a bit too much.Interviews are, of course, your chance to shine and show us why you’d be a great fit. But no one is perfect and no one will meet every single qualification we’re looking for – so be honest and feel free to humble brag!
  6. Don’t ask questions. We want to know that you’re excited about this job. Be sure to come prepared with at least a couple of questions for us – about the company, the job, or our culture! There is no way our human resources team could’ve already answered EVERY question you might have for an open position.

If you avoid doing these things during your interview process you are more likely to continue through the process and land the job! If you’re interested in learning more about interview processes and the type of questions you might encounter in an interview, check out our post, Interview Questions That Get Candidates to Open Up.


WRITER: Jen Patterson