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Why We Roll Out a New Employee Benefit Every Year

It’s our vision to be best place to work in America. We know that when our employees are happy, our business is more successful. Part of having happy employees is making sure we provide excellent benefits that meet their needs personally and professionally.

When it’s time to create, or decide on adding a new employee benefit, we always use the “Best place to work in America” filter. We ask ourselves, Will it make our employees’ work/life balance better? Will it enhance their lives? Will it help learn or grow professionally.

If the answer to those questions is yes, we do our best to implement that benefit. So, since 2014, we’ve committed to rolling out one new employee benefit every year.

These benefits are designed to make our employees say, WOW!

In 2014, we started the Marcia Jaffe Scholarship. Every year, GL group awards a few employees with a 90 percent paid scholarship to continue their education.  

In 2015, we launched Sandy Vacations, where we award 10 percent of our employees an all-expense paid vacation.

In 2016, we increased the number of paid days off, or IDOs, to 20. Now all new employees receive 20 days off from day one and once there for a year, company donates 80 hours to a personal bank. Current employees also receive at least 20 IDOs and continue to accrue additional IDOs as their years of employment progress. Providing our employees with a significant number of days off each year allows them the option to spend time caring for and spending time with their families.  When employees have adequate time off they feel rejuvenated and rewarded. They come to work motivated and excited. Basically, when our employees know that we care about their lives at work and at home it boosts morale.

Of course, these benefits cost money. We do consider what the impact to the bottom line impact will be – but we always feel if we make decisions based on our core values and doing right thing, we know that putting our employees and their families first outweighs any financial obligations.  In fact, our employees perform better and we attract top talent – which increases our profits and success.

We’re currently working on our WOW! Benefit for 2017 so stayed tuned to see what we roll out in the coming months!

AUTHOR: Jen Patterson