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The Power of Visioning in 2017

Did everything happen the way you hoped it would in 2016 in both business and your personal life? Some things may have happened exactly the way you wanted them to and hopefully some exceeded your expectations. But odds are some feel like a total let down. So what can you do differently in 2017?

Experts say planning is key to achieving your goals but many people forget about the value that visioning plays in crossing that finish line. A successful vision helps you see what accomplishing your goal will actually look and feel like. An effective vision helps you determine what success looks like and allows you to identify the tools that will help you get there. Visions set the scene for what is really important to you, and through visioning work, you can develop stronger relationships and better communication with those around you.

Anything can be a vision. No goal is too small or too big for a stellar vision. Simply going through the process will help you hammer down exactly what success looks like and will ensure those around you are aligned with your goal.

An effective vision is:

  • Set in the future

  • Has enough details so that you know when you have reached your goals

  • Includes others

  • Inspires those reading it

  • Is something that can actual happen (Pigs will never fly no matter how much you vision they will!)

The first step in visioning is to find a quiet place and grab a pen and paper. Set a timer and start writing! Just the act of continuous writing brings out ideas and helps solidify your thoughts more than if you sat around talking or thinking about it. Try not to stop writing until the timer goes off and do not edit yourself as you go. Make sure to start with the date in the future that you are aiming for and articulate details of what you see, think, and feel as you write. Once you are done, read through and see what stands out. Now you can edit! Once you are in a good place, share this with someone else. Let them give you feedback and ask questions of your vision.

After you have your vision down on paper, it’s time to set some goals and create an action plan. You can start small, writing down small action items for the next weeks, months, and years. Then you get to work!  You should also be sure to revisit the vision from time to time to see how things have shifted or to realign yourself with what you committed to achieving.

At GL group, we vision a lot of things. From how a training seminar will go to a 3-year plan for creating a new division. We’ve used visioning to create new products within GL group and outline new roles. When completing our 3-5 year strategy plans, we started with visioning to help ensure everyone has a voice in the conversation and brings new and interesting perspectives to the conversation.

Going through visioning work before starting any project or new initiative helps everyone get on the same page and provides you with a list of “must haves” so that you know what is important to key stakeholders. We have found such value in visioning that anytime we’re contemplating any new programs or initiatives, we first think of visioning because it helps us see what we want the end goal to be. Visioning provides a framework for success. It is not a step-by-step guide of how to get there, but allows those involved in the “how-to’s” to be creative with delivering the end result. It ensures that a project can be successful from the beginning because you are creating a system of buy-in and goal setting at the front end.

Not only does visioning help you think through what you really want, but it also creates an avenue to talk about your dreams and goals. Think big!