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Why We Have a Multi-Person Hiring Team

When you show up for an interview for a potential new job, you might expect to speak with one or maybe two members of human resources. But when potential candidates interview at GL group, they can expect to meet with at least five GL group employees. Our goal isn’t to intimidate candidates but to get to know them and to include our team in the process.


We have a multi-person hiring team because we value the opinion of everyone who might work with this potential candidate – from HR representatives to the hiring manager to members of the team a potential hire might lead. We know that blind spots are out there and that bias in hiring happens frequently. By involving others in this process, not only are we getting employee input but we are also ensuring that we bring different perspectives to the conversation. If we only included a couple people in these meetings, we might hire someone based on a shared interest or common background. Involving others helps to weed out these factors and allows us to get to the real meat and potatoes of if they can do the job.


When we hold an interview we will have the following employees involved in the process:


  • HR representative

  • Hiring manager

  • Someone who knows the role really well (This is usually an employee who has been in the role before or an employee who will be reporting to the individual in this role)

  • Executive team member

  • Team members responsible for giving the candidate a facility tour.


This doesn’t mean that a potential candidate will have to sit in an interview with all five of these people at once! But throughout the process, each of these individuals will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the potential candidate. Each of these individuals will bring important insight to the group as we try to make our decision.


We want everyone’s opinion during the process. This openness can be seen throughout our culture, our policies, and our practices. For instance, we ask our receptionist whether or not the candidate was respectful when they arrived. We want to know from the tour guide if the candidate showed interest during the facility tour and spoke with our employees.


We’ve also had a lot of success involving people who will report to a candidate when hiring for a leadership position. We like to get their input right away so we will sometimes ask a potential candidate to go to lunch with the team. After, we want the team to tell us what would they like to see in a potential manager and what they thought of the candidate. We want to know if they think that person would be a good fit for the team – after all, they know the job better than those of us in HR. This also gives the team time to shine, show off their department, and give the candidate an inside look.


When it comes time to make a decision, we hold a recap meeting where we discuss the candidate’s strength and weaknesses and we make a final decision together. During the recap meeting, we discuss the reasons why we feel the candidate is a good fit (or not) as well as what the candidate will bring to the position from both a skills and culture standpoint. We are all required to articulate our reasons and be open to discussion. Sometimes these meetings take an hour – and sometimes they take five minutes!


It’s incredibly important to our process that we are all aligned when it comes to hiring decisions. If, at the end of our recap meeting we’re not all on board – even if the CEO is a yes and the rest of us are a no! – the candidate does not move forward.


This process makes the HR department’s job easier, because when we make an offer we know we have the support of all of these team members who were so involved in the process. We put our culture front and center and want the candidate to have multiple interaction points throughout the process so they can get a true sense for who we are and what to expect in role.


It also makes the new hire’s transition easier. When they arrive for their first day, they’re not being thrown into a situation where they’re meeting everyone for the first time because they have only talked to those of us in HR.


The process allows all of us – from the CEO to HR to the Receptionist – make connections with all of our new hires. By having the team’s buy in with the candidate, we know that we are making the best decision possible from a skill and culture standpoint. We never want to bring someone on and realize early on that they are not a good fit for GL group. By involving others in this process, we know that we all feel the candidate is a strong match and the candidate fully understands what they are signing up for and are excited about this opportunity.


AUTHOR: Jen Patterson