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Thinking Outside the Box for Wellness

We are excited to have a guest post from Keyne, Quiroga-Anania, Human Resources Generalist, GL group. Keyne is also the head of GL group’s Wellness Committee.


Wellness has always been a part of the culture at GL group. Our culture supports healthy lifestyles and our leadership sees the value of employees being healthy. They have always understood that happy, healthy employees are happier at work. Wellness is something we own as a company and work hard at developing and improving each year.


Our Wellness Committee is in charge of planning activities and events throughout the year. We meet every other month to brainstorm new ideas for wellness events that are fun and meet the needs of our employees.


When planning events and programs, we look at wellness holistically. We want to make sure our wellness program meets our employees’ physical wellness needs, but also their emotional wellness needs. We want employees to be stress free and achieve a work-life balance that allows them to leave their work at work and devote time and attention to their family when they’re at home. When our employees are healthy and connected at home, they are better able to do their job. For us, that is what health and wellness really means.


We see a number of direct benefits from our wellness program. We find that our employees as a whole are healthier and use less sick days. Our wellness program also bring employees together. They talk with each other about their health and fitness and spend time with employees they don’t normally interact with. We even get to spend time with our families together during our outside wellness events.


So what does our wellness program look like? We offer a number of more standard programs, including a $150 annual wellness reimbursement for the employee and their families – we want to make sure our employees’ families are healthy too. This can be used towards gym memberships, sports for their kids, or fitness classes. In addition, we offer weekly workout and yoga classes and health screenings such as mammograms. We also offer massage, yoga, and meditation and bring in physical therapists to meet with employees.


In addition to these more standard benefits, our Wellness Committee also makes it a priority to include everyone when planning our wellness events. We know that not everyone is passionate about working out or eating healthy. We want co-workers on our committee who aren’t committed to a totally healthy lifestyle – because we want to know what it would take for them to participate in our wellness events.


As a result, we offer a lot of unique wellness activities that go far beyond standard fitness and wellness events. These include:


  • Paintball

  • Visit to Skyzone, a trampoline park

  • Two 5k walk/runs that raise money for local charities

  • Bike rides and picnic lunches in fall and spring

  • Ice skating

  • Rock climbing

  • Coloring contest for April’s stress awareness month

  • Earth day planting even

  • Stationary Bike-a-thon, where employees can compete against each other

  • Fresh fruit delivery during the company’s busiest months, May-September

  • A “I Can Do Anything Challenge” in January where employees are encouraged to quit a bad habit or create a healthy habit.

  • Two Biggest Loser events each year

  • Nutrition workshops

  • Bowling


Our wellness program is unique and effective. We wouldn’t be able to offer such a robust program without the support of our executive team. After all, not many executives would be okay with entire departments taking a 20-minute workout break each day! But GL group’s executive team is committed to their employees’ health. GL group employees know they can take the time to care for themselves and it has a powerful impact on our business and our employees’ health and well-being.


AUTHOR: Keyne Quiroga-Anania