Culture and Creativity

What LuckyU Means to Employees

We are excited to have a guest post from Madison Zona, Talent Development Coordinator, GL group.


When I first applied for a job at GL group, I knew the company offered many great benefits. But I was blown away when I found out about GL group’s internal training program, LuckyU.


At a lot of companies, you receive orientation training that details your job responsibilities, but not a lot about the company culture. You’re left to figure out the culture and the business by just asking questions and observing other employees.


LuckyU provides training beyond just the skills it takes for employees to do our jobs. It helps us gain a better understanding of the business and the big picture – not just our individual positions and the goals our leadership has for the future and the part we play in that plan.


In CEO Gary Jaffe's class "Making Waves," I gained an understanding that as employees we are empowered to make decisions. At GL group, we harness the power of a creative culture and encourage individuals to "make waves" and make an impact. This allows me to use my creativity and passion for our company to continuously improve our training programs and introduce new ideas.


LuckyU helps me develop the skills necessary to my role and to enhance my own personal development. One of my passions is people – I like working with people, I like socializing, and I like getting to know people. As a Talent Development Coordinator, I bring that passion for people to my job, helping us to create a culture of continuous learning where our employees can continue to grow in their roles and develop both their professional and personal skills.


LuckyU is also providing me with training to help identify my weaknesses and encourage my strengths. I’m learning about networking and developing my speaking skills, two things that I’ve wanted to improve upon.  


LuckyU has an impact on employees across the organization. Linda Novak, Marketing Communications Manager at our Jaffe Book Solutions division, credits LuckyU with helping her get to know her co-workers better and learning strategies that can apply to both her personal and professional life.


Steve Baum, who works in Bids and Contracts at Booksource, says “It is my goal in life to be a little better tomorrow than I am today and LuckyU gives me this ability.” Steve credits the theories of forecasting and predictions classes with providing him the training he needs to improve his job performance, constantly receiving new information and adapting his predictions and submissions in real time.


Every time I go to a LuckyU class, I become a little uncomfortable. That might sound like a bad thing – but it’s not. I love being uncomfortable because that means that I’m learning something and learning to think outside of my comfort zone.

LuckyU is helping to develop all GL group employees in their careers and makes us confident in our abilities. It helps us understand how to grow in our positions within our organization, develop our own best skills, and meet our personal and professional goals.


AUTHOR: Madison Zona