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Gotcha! Recognizing Employees for Their Great Work

We are excited to have a guest post from Madison Zona, Talent Development Coordinator at GL group.


Everyone wants to be told they’re doing a great job when they excel at work. It’s particularly important for employees to hear that their supervisors and co-workers recognize their hard work and successes. 


When you recognize someone’s successes, you encourage the repetition of that behavior. Studies show that engagement, productivity, and customer service increases when recognition is an everyday part of a company’s culture. According to the Workplace Research Foundation, highly engaged employees are 38 percent more likely to have above-average productivity. 


A recent Gallup poll revealed that employees feel, “… the most effective recognition is honest, authentic, and individualized to how each employee wants to be recognized.” At GL group, we want to provide employees with a way to recognize each other for the great work they’re doing and how that work aligns with our eight core values. GL group’s internal communications Gotcha program allows employees to be recognized not just for reaching goals, but also for how we all contribute along the way. 


The Gotcha program is simple. We’ve created post cards that allow employees to recognize their co-workers for their work that aligns with GL group’s eight core values.


When an employee sees another employee going above and beyond, they submit a Gotcha card that details what their co-worker did and which of GL group’s core values it aligned with. The card is then placed on the Gotcha board for everyone to see.


The Gotcha program is a stepping stone to creating a culture where recognition is a regular practice for both leadership and employees. Gotcha promotes teamwork between all employees. It is a departure from the traditional model, where someone’s supervisor might provide feedback or recognition. The Gotcha program allows employees to recognize each other – after all, we work with our teammates more than we work with anyone!


Employees are having a lot of fun with the program and the Gotcha boards are filling up with cards at all of our locations. We also provided employees with an opportunity to recognize their fellow Gotcha awardees at the company meeting and many employees jumped at the chance. This shows that employees are paying attention and want an opportunity to recognize their teammates.


By acknowledging each other’s good work, we are setting the tone for how we want employees to treat one another. It is inspiring employees to support each other and always do their best.


AUTHOR: Madison Zona