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One Mom’s Experience With Bring-Your-Baby-to-Work

GL group’s Bring-Your-Baby-to-Work program has been in place for more than 20 years. When I started at GL group, it was one of the things that drew me to GL group. Here I am, two years later and I just returned to work after my maternity leave, with my baby girl, Evelyn, in tow.


This opportunity has been wonderful for my family and me. I thought I would be ready to leave Evelyn and go back to work. But I was not. It is so helpful that she is able to come with me and made the transition back to work much easier. My husband enjoys that he can get pictures of the baby during the day. It eases his mind that she’s with me and he still gets to check in. We’re all happy that she’s well taken care of and I can go back to work.


I’m also grateful that she is with me at work for so many of her first milestones. The other day I heard Evelyn laugh out loud for the first time at my desk. I would have missed that if she wasn’t here with me.


My co-workers, whether they were fellow parents or not, have jumped right in to help. They offer to hold her when I’m in a meeting or need to take phone call. They’re quick to offer help gathering her things or just lending me an extra hand. My co-workers have even built space for Evelyn and I. I was a bit nervous that there wouldn’t be a place for mother’s room. But our facilities manager worked really hard to make a mother’s room, complete with a couch, closet, rocker, swing, and pack n play – I didn’t have to bring anything from home. And because Evelyn prefers that I do not sit down while holding her, the company allowed me to use my wellness reimbursement to purchase a standing desk so I can work with her in the carrier. My co-workers just had it all ready for us. That has been the best thing about this experience – that people are so supportive and always willing to help.


Having my baby at work with me has been a great experience. But to be honest, all of the other parents who have had their babies at work over the years had me fooled into thinking it would be super easy. At first, it wasn’t easy. I would jump at any sound she made, not wanting to disrupt my co-workers. However, I quickly realized the simple truth – babies make noise! It’s okay, and I’m lucky enough that my co-workers welcome it.


If you’re a new parent considering bringing your baby to work, the moms and dads at GL group have gathered a list of tips and tricks that make the transition to babies in the workplace as smooth as possible!


  • Get over the noise. Babies are going to cry. People are okay with it.

  • Ask for help. Everyone is willing to help, so just ask. Letting people take your baby for a walk around the building for five minutes can let you crank a lot of work out quickly or run to the restroom! Find those people who are super excited about the baby and use them! Rotate turns so you can get knock something out.

  • Give yourself a break. Our leadership knows that new parents with babies at work aren’t getting 40 hours of work done, so enjoy the experience and accept you might not work a full 40.

  • Take advantage of nap time!

  • Leave as much as you can at work so you don’t have to cart it back and forth between the office and home. Ask other moms and dads to borrow things you might need. 

  • Get done what you can get done. Some days baby needs more attention than others. Use those days when baby is content to really focus on getting stuff done. Make lots of lists and prioritize so you are ready when you get an unexpected long nap stretch.

  • Enjoy every minute!!! It’s hard when you are in the trenches actually dealing with it, but their time at work will be over before you know it, so soak it up while you can! New parents are told this all the time, but they really do grow up so fast!

  • Don’t wait until the baby is fussy to start to address her concerns. Schedule walks throughout your workday so that you and the baby can get up and get away from your desk. 

  • Always leave each day with at least one thing marked off your to-do list so you feel accomplished. This can be a super small item crossed off but being able to have that will help you feel confident in the work you are doing.

  • Take time to interact with your baby while they are here! You only get this opportunity for so long so soak in all that cuteness. Don’t spend the time worried about your productivity as much. What needs to get done always does, but your baby is not going to roll over again for the first time just so you can catch it.

Written by: Jennifer Patterson