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St. Louis' Best Bosses 2018

date posted:

Monday, November 19, 2018


Leading by Example
Jennifer Patterson | GL Group

     Jennifer Patterson had spent the majority of her career in retail, focusing on recruitment and talent development, so when she was ready to work for a smaller company where she could have more of an impact, she found a perfect match in GL Group. After just three years with the com- pany, she was promoted to director of human resources earlier this year.

     In her new leadership role, Patterson believes in servant leadership and leading by example. “I challenged my team to constantly learn and improve themselves and the team,” she says. “We have consistent one-on-ones and team meetings that align us as a department and challenge our professional development. I look at leadership as
removing obstacles so my team can perform their best.”

     Patterson works hard to constantly support her team and company in any way she can. “Listen,” says Patterson. “Listen to new ideas and help them succeed. Listen to challenges and help them work through. Listen to success stories and celebrate.”

     Teri Simpson, executive assistant, says Patterson leads her team with honesty and integrity. “She challenges them by not simply providing answers but by giving them the tools and support they need to determine the answer on their own,” says Simpson. “Jen meets individually with each member to determine any areas that might require guidance. She builds on the strengths of each employee, making sure they are challenged and engaged.”